Deep Sea Fishing Adventure Off the Coast of Hawaii

Have you tried deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean? At the Flannel Fishermen, we do bookings for deep sea fishing off the coast of Hawaii. You can take your best walleye lures and be sure to have all the fun and adventure that you want in this Pacific US state.

When it comes to deep sea Pacific adventure, you can’t go wrong with Hawaii. The people knows how to have fun and are used to doing business with tourists. The Western culture emanates here mixed perfectly with a Hawaiian twist. Do you love to surf? Surfing is Hawaii’s gift to the world and you can find all the huge waves here. So if you take a trip to Hawaii, you can be sure that you don’t just fish, there’s a lot more things to do in this island nation.

Deep Sea Fishing In Hawaii is World Famous

Fishing constitutes the biggest charter and tour category in Hawaii. The islands of Maui, Kauai and Oahu are the most popular fishing islands in the area whether you’re into sports fishing or bottom fishing. Anglers from the world over would not disagree with you if you say that the Big Island of Hawaii is the deep sea fishing capital of the world. The excitement starts with the island of Kona where fishing tournaments are a yearly obsession. Here you can find huge fishes like Yellow Fin Tuna, Skip Jack, Ono, Mahi Mahi and Opakapaka. But the fish that most professional fishermen sought after is the Pacific Blue Marlin. Due to its immense size, this fish is like a trophy to all fishermen.

Kona Is Where You Find the Best Experience

There are two main reasons why Kona is considered to be the best location when it comes to deep sea fishing. First, it is generally the least expensive of all locations. This is because of the great number of fishermen who come here, charters and hotels lower their prices due to steep competition. Fishermen in Kona are serious about fishing and they don’t allow pricey charters to get in the way of fun.

Second reason is, the harbor easily drops off to the deeper regions of the sea. You don’t have to go too far in order to find the deep sea fishes because, with a little effort, you’re already in the deep.

This is not to say that the other locations are inferior to Kona when it comes to fishing. In fact, most fishermen feel that their Hawaiian experience is not complete if they stay in Kona only. They do feel the call of the other places like Maui and they do go there too. Besides, you don’t only go to Hawaii to fish, there’s a host of activities to consume your time there. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking you name it. All these activities have their own places on the island. It seems that Hawaii is the place to go when you want to experience nature at its best.

Handy Items for Water Photography

As the technology advances, photography goes with it. The creation of waterproof and high end cameras made water photography possible. That’s probably the main reason why water photography is starting to get even more popular these days.

If you are one of those planning to take your amazing underwater shots, then it is important that you have the best idea about which what are the handy items that you need. Especially if you are travelling places to shoot. You need to make sure that you packed all the things that you need to have a successful water photography trip.

Water Photography

Of all forms of photography, water photography might be one of the most challenging one. Not only because you will need all the necessary equipment, but also because it would definitely be hard to shoot in the water, underwater especially. Since you would be dealing with water, you know for sure how difficult it is to find a scene or a subject to shoot unless you’re a pro.

When it comes to water photography, there are some items and stuff that will come in handy. These items will help you have a stress-free and a smooth photography session. Because there’s water involved, you need some water proof stuff. Except your camera, which should really be already made water proof or cased, you have to make sure that your other items are protected and dry. One important item that you should forget for water photography is the microfiber cloth. There would be a lot wiping and drying needed, that’s for sure. That’s when you also need an air blower to top it all.

You might also need to consider some tactical items. For instance, you might realize it, but using military grade watches will also help you with water photography. Especially for those who are going on places to shoot. Depending on which body of water you are planning to shoot, the things that you need will vary. For instance, shooting in the pool is far more different than taking pictures in a wide open ocean. In which will be challenging to do the other. That’s when you need to consider your location too.

Safety is important

After getting all the right information about the items that you should bring, making a good list of them, you should be good. However, you certainly should not forget about safety. Since water photography is different from the usual photography sessions that you have, and water is isn’t really a very safe place. You should think about you own safety at all times. For instance, the has a lot of helpful ideas about how to keep safe out there.

When it comes to safety, you would also need some stuff like wearing the right clothing, some safety gears like floaters, life jackets, etc. You need those to make sure that you’re safe while taking photos. Wearing the right water clothing will also make you comfortable, thus, you will be able to take nice and amazing photos in the water.







Snorkeling Fins: Finding Your Best Fit

Finding the best snorkel gear is like finding your favorite pair of jeans. It just have to fit or else it’s not going to a day in the sun. Snorkel and fins is easier to fit compared to the mask because the latter has to prevent water from getting into your eyes. The mask should fit the contours of your face otherwise, water would get in and defeat its purpose. With the snorkeling fins, all you have to consider is the size of your feet. But with the thousands of brands to choose from, it’s like choosing a hay from a hay stack.

Tips in Finding What’s Best for Your Feet

While its true that there are thousands of brands out there, the task of finding what’s best for your feet should not be as daunting as it may sound. There are basic principles in choosing snorkeling fins that would make filtering what’s best easy. Added to that, no matter what the brand is, fins would usually just fall into a few basic caterories.

  1. Closed vs. Open Foot

    Closed foot offers a lot of protection from the cold and from any sharp objects that might harm your feet. This is good to wear if you’re going to use swimming boots. The legendary jet fin uses the open foot design and its intended mostly for speed. If speed is a consideration, you have to take the open foot design.

  2. Split vs. Paddle Fin

    Split fin is designed for smoother paddling. This means that comfort while swimming is the priority rather than paddling speed. If your purpose is recreational, this is the fin to take. If your priority is paddling force, then the paddle fin is the one to take. This will give you more force per kick than the split fins but with a little discomfort because its harder too.

  3. Travel Fins

    Travel fins are shorter than regular size fins. This is primarily because you want to fit it into your travel luggage. If you travel a lot, this is the fin to buy because this will be suitable for shallow snorkeling and pool lapping. This is the most versatile design and if you must only pic a single pair of fins, this is the one to take.

With the tips provided above, you should be able to decide which one is best for you. Taking into account your specific needs, you can pick the right fin that’s best for you. Take into consideration the weight of the fin because that’s what you will carry with you. Take into consideration the kind of activity that you will engage in too. Are you going to go snorkeling in the open water or are just going going to go lapping in a pool? Are you going to travel often? Then a travel fin might be the right choice. If you can afford to buy one pair of fins out of every type, then so much the better. This will give you more options when snorkeling.

Why to become a self-taught photographer?

All those photographers who have gone through their several years of photography have witnessed different types of assignments and with different mantras in order to enhance their photography skills. Most of the photographers feel that giving some amount of time is best tip for becoming a great photographer. It is an important aspect that photographers must know how to learn their skills from camera and understand the functions of their camera well. Go through every feature that your camera has and understand what effect and result it can bring into your pictures. Firstly try to use the functions of a simple camera and understand what other camera has different with the primary ones. Try to learn creativity and how to compose a shot that takes much more time than how to learn various types of control and functions. If you really want to become a photographer, here we present you some secrets that will help you out with becoming a self-taught photographer which is the best option for a photographer and how to become one:

  1. Always select a colour, shape and go for it: Take your camera and select a colour for a day. You must go out and click all the best objects and stuff that you can have using that colour. Make that colour a dominant element. Try to get different ways by which you can make it possible to do it. Later, select a shape and make that look great and different in your own way. You can use different shapes and any features of any artwork that you come across. Try to give it your feel and a different prospective by which people don’t take it normally. Look for different combinations and you can highlight the shape that you have picked in your image.


  1. Try to capture something different an out of the box: If you go through some of the pictures of some famous photographers, you will see that they have played well with different designs, platforms, styles and shapes. Most importantly they have something new to show you every time due to which you find their picture very attractive. Try to pick a subject, and a different subject. If you have selected a regular subject, thing something out of the box and highlight a different angle of that subject. Change things as per your suitability. Get out from your comfort zone and see things and people around you in a different angle. Always remember that the image is the mirror of your perspective.


  1. Self-taught photography is independent: Self taught photography is a skill that is unique and independent in style. You can learn new tips and techniques using practice and thorough use of camera. You can also consult some of the experienced photographers. It will not only save your money on learning the skills properly but will also help you explore the world of photography through a different level. Go for more and more photo-shoots to understand the details of photography.