Snorkeling Fins: Finding Your Best Fit

Finding the best snorkel gear is like finding your favorite pair of jeans. It just have to fit or else it’s not going to a day in the sun. Snorkel and fins is easier to fit compared to the mask because the latter has to prevent water from getting into your eyes. The mask should fit the contours of your face otherwise, water would get in and defeat its purpose. With the snorkeling fins, all you have to consider is the size of your feet. But with the thousands of brands to choose from, it’s like choosing a hay from a hay stack.

Tips in Finding What’s Best for Your Feet

While its true that there are thousands of brands out there, the task of finding what’s best for your feet should not be as daunting as it may sound. There are basic principles in choosing snorkeling fins that would make filtering what’s best easy. Added to that, no matter what the brand is, fins would usually just fall into a few basic caterories.

  1. Closed vs. Open Foot

    Closed foot offers a lot of protection from the cold and from any sharp objects that might harm your feet. This is good to wear if you’re going to use swimming boots. The legendary jet fin uses the open foot design and its intended mostly for speed. If speed is a consideration, you have to take the open foot design.

  2. Split vs. Paddle Fin

    Split fin is designed for smoother paddling. This means that comfort while swimming is the priority rather than paddling speed. If your purpose is recreational, this is the fin to take. If your priority is paddling force, then the paddle fin is the one to take. This will give you more force per kick than the split fins but with a little discomfort because its harder too.

  3. Travel Fins

    Travel fins are shorter than regular size fins. This is primarily because you want to fit it into your travel luggage. If you travel a lot, this is the fin to buy because this will be suitable for shallow snorkeling and pool lapping. This is the most versatile design and if you must only pic a single pair of fins, this is the one to take.

With the tips provided above, you should be able to decide which one is best for you. Taking into account your specific needs, you can pick the right fin that’s best for you. Take into consideration the weight of the fin because that’s what you will carry with you. Take into consideration the kind of activity that you will engage in too. Are you going to go snorkeling in the open water or are just going going to go lapping in a pool? Are you going to travel often? Then a travel fin might be the right choice. If you can afford to buy one pair of fins out of every type, then so much the better. This will give you more options when snorkeling.