How Carrying a Knife When You Surf Can Save Your Life

Surfing as a sport can be highly dangerous and there are situations that you need to carry the best rescue knife as a first response tech. It can be a lifesaver especially when you find yourself tangled with your cord in some coral formation. What could easily end up in you drowning can easily be reversed with just a cut of your blade? There are many ways in which having a knife can save your life while surfing.

Situations When a Knife Can Save Your Life While Surfing

Although it’s not all the time when you need a knife just to enjoy riding on a surfboard, it’s still better to carry one and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Having a knife while in those unwanted situations will mean the difference between survival and death. Here are a few situations when you definitely need a knife.

  1. Tangle with a paracord

    It’s not hard to imagine a situation wherein you fall off your surfboard and the paracord that attaches you to it gets tangled with the corals below. Like it or not, this can easily escalate into a drowning situation. If you have a knife, you just easily cut off the paracord and set yourself free from it.

  2. Tangled with a fishing net

    Fishnets are everywhere. In fact, there are a lot of times that fishes get tangled with it without being freed. Some endangered animals like sea turtles get tangled with it without being freed too. How likely do you think it is for a surfer to get tangled with a fish net? This kind of situation can easily escalate into a life and death one if you don’t have a knife.

  3. Shark attack

    Surfers are often attacked by sharks. Although you can’t allow fear to ruin a good surfing day, being prepared for a shark attack is very important. Having a knife when surfing gives you the confidence that you have something to defend yourself against an attack by this silent killer. Smashing its nose with the hard handle of the knife is sometimes enough to scare it away. If you’re lucky and wound it, it might go away with the pain.

  4. Cleaning surfboard

    Surfboards often get dirty due to the salts that embed itself to it as seawater dries out. If you allow this to stay on your surfboard, it can get ugly and at times, it affects its maneuverability. Removing salt and other dirt by hands can be tedious but easy with a knife. You do need a knife when surfing.

While people carry knives for different reasons, these are some of the ones that I believe would be a situation when you need to have a knife. Although the last is not essentially lifesaving, it still useful to have a knife in that situation. What about you, do you have any other reason for carrying a knife while surfing? Share them in the comment below.